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Welcome to Bolsover Boxing Club!

We are open to all ages and abilities both guys and girls, young and old. We have a wide range of members from people who just enjoy the fitness aspect of boxing right through to people who compete amateur, white collar, unlicensed and professional. We believe that the best coaches are those who have truly lived the boxing lifestyle. Many of our coaches have competed at a national or international level, so they have first hand experience of the techniques that they’re teaching. They are all passionate about what they do and committed to helping you achieve your goals in a safe and fun boxing environment.

Top quality boxing facilities

We have a full size elevated boxing rin, weights from 2,5kg - 50kg, a cable crossover, a squat rack, a bench press, and more. Gloves,hand wraps, headguards are available and free to use. Call us today or pop in to our gym to join in the fun, and get fit with us!

Fitness and Boxing

You are also most welcome if you are just wanting to improve your fitness and have some fun. It's a very relaxed atmosphere and everyone is helpful, we promise you will get out what you put in. Private one-to-one or group tuition is also available 6 days a week on booking,


24/7 availability
Free consultation
Parking available
Wheelchair accessible
By appointment only
Wifi on the premises
Bike parking available
Good for children


Great atmosphere, great staff,very friendly and welcoming cant imagine anywere that tops this gym everything feels right,some very good boxers aswell,my son goes,,i watch cz trouble with an injury …
John Gould

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